Posted: August 7, 2013 in Historic Buildings
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About the middle of last century something like a reign of terror existed among the daily military guards at the Tower of London ac- count of the appearance of alleged “ghosts” who were solemnly asserted to haunt certain portions of the buildings from midnight to dawn. Nothing could shake; the garrison’s belief in these supernatural visitations, and one of its members actually died from fright. At last things arrived at such a pitch that it became necessary to post double sentries on every watch. The “ghosts.” however, still manifested them selves, and the authorities were practically at their wits end to calm the superstitious fears of the troops. Matters, indeed, had almost culminated in general refusal to go on duty when the mystery was cleared up. It appeared that the spectres were the outcome of a stupid practical joke on the part of some young men who had studied the ghost-raising methods of the celebrated Professor Pepper, who was just then giving his entertainment at the Egyptian Hall.


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