Posted: August 3, 2013 in Historic People
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An investigation has been made in St. Michan’s Churchyard, Dublin, for the purpose of determining whether the body of Robert Emmet, the Irish patriot who was executed for his share in the rebellion of ’98, was buried there. Doubt has always been thrown on the statement that the body lay in the disputed grave. After the railings around the grave and the stone slab which covered it had been removed, the work of excavation proceeded with extreme caution. At length, at the depth of about 6ft, the diggers came upon human remains. The earth was removed, and the skeleton of a fully-grown man of good size was laid bare. It was lying with the feet to the east and the head to the west. A curious circumstance, to which very great significance attaches, is that the head, instead of lying prone and attached to the trunk in the ordinary way, was in an upright position. When it is remembered that Emmet was beheaded, the fact of the skull being found in this position strengthens the theory that the grave in St. Michan’s is really the burial-place of the revolutionary leader, and that the bones disinterred are his. Some pieces of metal which were taken to be the mountings of a coffin were also found in the grave. After the skeleton had been photographed and examined by experts, it was replaced in the grave, which was filled in, the slab covering it being re- placed.
Weekly Mail, 8th August 1903


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