Posted: August 3, 2013 in Historic Interest
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Recently an awkward incident occurred at Mary hill Parish Church graveyard. The church officer on the 12th inst. received notice that a grave was to be made ready for a certain hour on that day for the burial of an adult. The grave was accordingly prepared, and in due course a funeral party arrived, and the coffin was lowered, the grave filled up, and the funeral party went away. The officer did not know any of the funeral party, and nothing was said on the subject of the burial by any of them. It was, therefore, with no little dismay that’ he beheld another funeral party drive up to the gates about fifteen minutes after the departure of the first- They produced registration papers which showed beyond doubt that they were entitled to the lair. In the mean time, the first funeral party, who were from Bellshill, had retired to a neighbouring inn to partake of some refreshment, and, while so employed, they were made aware of the awkward fact that they had’ buried their friend in the wrong grave. They then instantly proceeded to the graveyard. The first coffin was hastily exhumed, and was taken away to the “Western Necropolis, while the second coffin was lowered into the grave and duly buried. The incident was probably due to a mistake in the transmission of the message from the undertaker.
Reported 24th December 1895 Evening Express


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